Promoting Botswana’s transition to sustainable energy for those that cannot afford it.


The sun provides energy that can power anything from schools and universities, to shopping centres, hospitals, stadiums and everything in between. But all too often, these companies don’t have the finances available to install solar panels themselves.
This is where Solwana comes in. We not only find the places looking to make the change to solar, but also the investors to help them get there.
Our model is simple:
1. We find viable solar projects around Botswana and neighbouring countries.
2. We invite professional solar companies to investigate and quote on the solar requirements for the project.
3. We open a project for investment, with a limited number of cells available.
4. Investors buy cells in the solar panels as an investment over 20 years.
5. The business leases the solar panels from us, obtaining access to sustainable power in return.
6. Investors earn a profit, while offsetting their carbon footprint.

Our Vision

To promote Botswana’s transition to sustainable energy for those that cannot afford it.


Our Mission

To reduce Botswana’s reliance on it’s neighbours for importing a product that they already have in abundance ie power.

Harvest the Sun!

Buying solar panels is often prohibitively expensive,
especially in developing countries that have access to
an abundance of sunshine. This is where we, and you, come in.

We have abundant sunshine

Based in Botswana, Solwana identify and source
funds for solar projects around the country to make our
African sun work for our investors and the community.

Time to go "Green"

Sustainable energy, sustainable investing.
Our investors can earn a profit from their
solar cells, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Invest in a more sustainable future for all, driven by solar power.

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